EOSC-Life – European Open Science Cloud for Life Sciences [COMPLETED]

EOSC-Life brings together the 13 Life Science ‘ESFRI’ research infrastructures (LS RIs) to create an open, digital and collaborative space for biological and medical research.

Project Website:

Project Period:
2019 – 2023

EOSC-Life Scope and Objectives

The main objective of EOSC-Life is to make data resources from LS RIs ‘FAIR’ and publish them in the EOSC following guidelines and standards. Overall, this will drive the evolution of the RI repository infrastructure for EOSC and integration of the LS RI repositories.

EOSC-Life will also implement cross-disciplinary workflows that address the needs of interdisciplinary science. Through open hackathons and bring-your-own-data events EOSC-Life will be co-created with user communities, providing a blueprint for how the project will support wide-spread and excellent data-driven life science research.

Lastly, EOSC-Life will address the data policies needed for human research data under GDPR. Interoperable provenance information will describe the history of the sample and data to ensure reproducibility and adherence to regulatory requirements.

INFRAFRONTIER Contribution to EOSC-Life

INFRAFRONTIER is involved in several integral aspects of EOSC-Life. Namely, INFRAFRONTIER:

  • Leads the effort in international impact, innovation and sustainability (WP8) including organising Open Life-Sciences Stakeholder Forums, connecting quality, data and service management and assess impact of life-science open data in the cloud on data reproducibility
  • Co-leads the task of gathering updated information from the LS-RIs and prepare an updated blueprint for services (WP5)
  • Assists in identifying key elements of data and processes providing a fast, coordinated and user-oriented way to start building RI’s connection to EOSC
  • Guides the publishing of FAIR and sustainable RI data resources and their interaction with workflows in EOSC-Life (WP1, WP2)
  • Supports EOSC-Life Demonstrator projects and participates in selected WP1 and WP3 Open Call projects

INFRAFRONTIER partners Helmholtz München, PHENOMIN-ICS, BSRC Fleming, University of Oulu/Biocenter Oulu, CNR, Monterotondo and Czech Centre for Phenogenomics also contribute to EOSC-Life.

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