Allele Conversion Service

Some mouse strains are only archived as knockout-first allele ‘tm1a allele’. In the case that users are interested in another allele which is not cryopreserved at EMMA, some EMMA nodes offer allele conversion as a service. Please note that this is a special service, which may take longer than the delivery times for the already cryopreserved alleles, with an additional service fee. The brief allele overview is as below (download as PDF):

Delivery times and service fees are available upon request using the links in the Availabilities section in the EMMA strain search, as it can be seen in the screenshot below:

In case these options are not available in the EMMA strain search, please directly contact us by  R-Znvy.

Converted alleles and the mutant strains carrying them are owned by the production EMMA node and will be archived at EMMA for distribution to the scientific community.

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