Wellcome Trust Knockout Mouse Resource

The Wellcome Trust funded the acquisition of a limited number of gene knockout mouse strains and associated phenotypic data from Deltagen Inc. and Lexicon Pharmaceuticals.

This resource was archived and is now being distributed through EMMA and provides researchers with unprecedented access to two private collections of knockout mice. These valuable models will not only aid the study of human disease but will also form part of a genome-wide library of knockout mice. Under the terms of the world-wide academic license granted to the Trust for the use of the mouse lines by Deltagen and Lexicon, researchers will be able to share the mouse lines acquired with other academic collaborators.

Two calls for proposals were published and a total of 87 lines were awarded. These lines were rederived and archived by EMMA and are freely available to the research community.

Deltagen and Lexicon strains on the list of available EMMA strains

To assist the Wellcome Trust in tracking the outputs of the research to which it has contributed either wholly or in part, the Trust’s contributions must be acknowledged in all publications according to the  Trust’s Guidance for Research Publication Acknowledgement Practice. EMMA customers must refer to the ‘Wellcome Trust Knockout Mouse Resource’.  

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