Disease Areas

Specialised INFRAFRONTIER resources and services for specific disease areas

To aid researchers with specific research interests, we have categorised some of our most important resources and services based on specific disease research areas. These categories include:

Rare Diseases

Access to over 2200 mouse strains (via EMMA) that are related to more than 1600 distinct rare diseases. Find the right model for the right disease.


A list of COVID-19-related strains and emergency archiving services to aid COVID-19 research and minimise the loss of valuable mouse strains during the pandemic.


Browse through EMMA strains associated to more than 50 different cancer types and a list of manually-curated disease models for cancer.

Other Disease Areas

In addition to the core disease areas listed above, EMMA strains are also related to the following diseases:

EMMA Strains for Pox Virus Research

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