Mouse Model Generation by Mary Lyon Centre

The Mary Lyon Centre (MLC) at MRC Harwell

The Mary Lyon Centre (MLC) at MRC Harwell is the UK’s national facility for mouse genetics and the use of mouse models for the study of human disease. Our specialised services include the generation and phenotyping of genetically altered mice.

Service description:

The MLC offers a comprehensive genome engineering resource from design to model production and validation. We establish and evolve new methods for the production of validated mouse models on controlled genetic backgrounds. Image Credit

Additional support
  • Project design and strategy optimisation based on years of experience in creating both simple and complex alleles.
  • Supply/production of relevant reagents.
  • Choice of a broad range of techniques, according to the required genetic alteration. These include classical gene targeting, genome editing using CRISPR/Cas9 in early embryos, CRISPR-aided targeting in embryonic stem cells, or additive transgenesis to generate the validated mouse.
  • Allele types include tags, knock-ins, reporter and recombinase expressors, humanisation, inducible overexpression systems, large-scale deletions or duplication.
  • Full validation of the genetic sequence of the mutant allele.
  • Further functional validation of transgenes. This includes the option of mutant transcript quantification and recombinase activity profiling.
  • We also offer the characterisation of copy number and point of insertion of transgenes obtained by additive transgenesis.
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